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The primary purpose of this study is to understand the purpose led brand and how to build one in the delivery service industry with an effective campaign. Brand purpose is significant since it shows consumers that the company does not only advertise for products and services but have a purpose bigger than making profits. The following research shows the importance of a brand's purpose and how to communicate it with society or a specific target group if intended. The first part of the research explains what a purpose-led brand is gives examples of campaigns, known brands, and food delivery services that already have a clear purpose which they share with people explains it using the Golden circle Analysis. In the second part, the impact of bikes and food delivery services is thoroughly explained. The third part discuses Brand awareness’ ways and platforms, as well as a strategy that Marty Neumeier believed in. The fourth part handles the case study brand Khora, the chosen brand problem for this research and for the practical part, this part explains as well a strategy by the American author Marty Neumeier called ' The strategic pyramid ' and applies it to the case study Khora, followed by an explanation for the campaign. Lastly, in the fifth part, the practical part is thoroughly explained. The practical part is a full campaign for Khora: A Brand book, Advertisement commercial, social media, Documentary, Photography, copy text, and in-app Messages. (Delivery season, Islam Ashraf)

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